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I love, I love, I love you all. [entries|friends|calendar]

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[20 Jul 2005|09:12pm]
1. Copy and paste this into your journal: <*font color="yourusername"> <*b>yourusername<*/b>
2. Eliminate the asterisks.
3. Replace "yourusername" with your user name.
4. See what color you are!

1 || Sexy Lady

[04 May 2005|04:24pm]
There will be a serious friends cut! The reason for this is I need this journal but refuse to update it because of what people on my list may or may not say. Or even think, so If I do remove you I’m sorry, I don’t hate you.. Just don’t want you to have an insight on my life…
4 || Sexy Lady

Challenge #1 Voting... [22 Apr 2005|01:02pm]
Sorry! I had starte this community during my Spring Break and totally forgot about it...

The Sexy like OMG! David B Banners....Collapse )
1 || Sexy Lady

[08 Mar 2005|10:15am]
[mood | Crazy ]

Sexy Lady

So Sorry.... [07 Mar 2005|01:45pm]
Sorry for the mix up...

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“codes”Collapse )
Sexy Lady

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